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Most of the people love to play games which are exciting to play. People love spending their time in playing game without any issues. The game which initially started as a cartoon series has got a biggest reach which is creating a massive hit in present years. Most of the kids and youngsters are getting behind this game to experience various thrilling levels and complete fun package. The game is as simple and anybody can play it without any difficulties.

The new storyline

The new Pokemon ruby rom is the third series of the complete game package. As the first two versions have got entirely different scenario, the new game becomes easy to play. With new exciting features the game has been launched in 2003 internationally. The game has been developed by Game freak and was published by Nintendo. The third game series has been launched for 3 different panels of games like ruby, emerald and sapphire. These three were called advanced generation gaming. The main head of the game is ruby which has got many features to attack the enemies and destroy them in minutes.

Double battles

The featured game of Pokemon ruby rom has got the double battle feature where the ruby can attack enemies on both side. The whole concept of ruby is designed to subsidize the power of Groudon. Groudon is the character which possesses threat to characters of game. Ruby must take active forms to kill the groudon within mean time. The game is based on role playing and the gamer that is playing must have concentration with the character of ruby. Most of the young people love to play this game because it is quite interesting in building the town and other entertainments are related in it.

Help in need

The sister version of ruby is sapphire so in needed times, they can also help ruby to kill the giant groudon which is being a great threat to people. All the characters are designed in animated images which gives the player a bubbling environment to play without any issues. The game has grabbed the attention of so many young champs who are ready to kill many of the creatures which kills people. The game is focusing on unleashing powers to kill some bad entity. Pokemon ruby rom has got powers to unleash 150 new pokemons and start the double battle trick.

New features

The added new features of this game are secret bases and pokemon contests. Players can get to secret base with the help of person who is located in route 111. You can identify the particular person who is standing next to a very big tree. The person will provide the gamer with TM 43 which is the secret power for creating our own secret bases. The secret base is a place where the player can rest and resupply the resources. They are specially made as a hide out for player to stay and get ready for battle within short period of time. Only resting is carried out in the secret base hide outs area.

Contest in Hoenn region

The hoenn region is where role play games of ruby happens, the contest for finding each rank are completely located over the lilycove city. The player has to get complete set of four ranks to play the next level of contest. Finding the ranks are bit easy or hard based on the finding skills of the player. The player can play well or bad when he or she is having a great idea and skill about the game. The contests are so funny to experience and player can have full time fun when he or she is playing the game. The previous versions of game had day and night option which was removed in order for the players to explore the new contests and hide outs.

Online gaming

The players have started playing these games in online. The interest and involvement in the game has created an attention among many of the school children of various countries. Many school children have got an addiction for this game because it has got ample of interesting things to do inside. The game is designed for single playing as well as multiple playing. People can play this game with these great two options. So many students started downloading this game in their personal computers and gaming consoles to explore the 150 powers of pokemon in at a time.

The game can attract kids because the game is constructed with childish nature of battles and battling to win stones and ranks. It attracts many kids who are ready to play a new level of gaming in present days. A data has been collected that children are playing these games in lot more levels because they feel that the game is part of their lives. Finding the ranks and killing the monster satisfies them without lagging back in studies. It is kind of essential for kids to have some gaming activity in their lives to enhance their moods.


The points of the Pokemon ruby rom are based on collecting the candies which are made from berries. They are easily visible and players have to collect candies in order to score more points within short period of time. The candies are called poke blocks which are helping players to get high points to play the game in more adventurous ways. The game can be connected with e-readers which can help players to battle.

Reaction to game

The game has scored 9.5 points out of 10 in editor’s choice award of 2007. The game has got a huge response among young players who keep on digging the secret bases and win contests and ranks to get into a newer level. Anybody can purchase this game in online which is sold in cost effective prices. Pick ruby which is in attractive red color and plays good in role playing. Get back from your school, grab a snack and start playing the game to have complete fun filled weekend which can completely relax your mind.

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