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The uniqueness of Pokemon game is that the game play is entirely different from other games in the market so far. The game play of the game is the excitement factor for the gamer because the graphics, audio and ambience of the game are part of the game not pulse of the game. The real pulse of the game is game play which is really great in Pokemon fire red rom. Pokemon provides the user an augmented reality game which is the main reason that the game has millions of users in a short span of time from its release. Pokemon seems to be the most exciting game in which the gamer travels between virtual world and real world. For this the gamer is connected with Pokemon go the virtual world from Pokemon the real world.

Two worlds in the game

The best of Pokemon is that the gamer will be excited to in both the worlds involved in the game. The game starts in the virtual world and takes the gamer to the real world to find the other Pokemons in the nearby locations. The gamer has to use Pokemon go to switch to the location based playing so that they can discover and find the other Pokemon in the real world. As long as you extend your search you can find the Pokemon species in your surroundings. This is really interesting because it involves the gamer completely to discover various Pokemon species using Pokemon go.

Real world locations

Pokemon uses the real world locations in various cities and places from Japan, US, and Paris. In Japan the places are around the regions of Hokkaido and Kanto and in US it is New York. Using the real world locations for gaming is really great and this has not happened for the user in any other games they have played so far. Switching between both the worlds really makes them more excited and fun to play Pokemon game.

Poke balls to catch

The interesting stuff in Pokemon is to catch the Poke ball so that the gamer don’t miss the nearby Pokemon species. In order to identify the Pokemon species the gamer has to step out to discover Pokemon species for which they have to use their smart phone. When the gamer moves around in search of Pokemon their smart phone will vibrate to inform that the gamer is somewhere near the Pokemon. After receiving this notification the gamer has to throw Poke ball by touching the smart phone touch screen. If the gamer fails to catch the Poke ball the Pokemon will run away so always be careful to catch the Poke ball. To get as many balls as the gamer wants they can use pokeballs hack the hack tool used to increase the pokeballs.

Poke coins

The gamer needs Pokecoins to exchange it to add needed power, extra items and some other needed enhancements of the game. The gamer can gain Pokecoins using pokecoins hack which is available along with the Pokemon game hack. The player has to increase the coins to purchase or exchange the coins in order to get needed power support and other stuffs available in the game.

Team play

To find the Pokemon the gamer can form a team with other Pokemon players which is a must option from Pokemon game. The gamer has to choose any a team from any available teams and use the Pokemon they caught to open Pokemon stops and gym locations. When they form the team they have to battle with other available teams. The team members will place their Pokemon in the gym to get trained and they will be battling against the other defending Pokemons.

Fire red

Officially, Pokemon fire red rom game is a remake version of Pokemon red and blue game. The Pokemon red and blue is release in the year 1996 and the company called Game Freak has developed the titles for the game. The game was released by Nitendo and it is compatible with the Game boy wireless adapters. The fire red version of Pokemon was released in the year 2004 in January at Japan.

New version

Actually the Pokemon fire red rom is the member of Pokemon series, so is leaf green. In the previous games as a player you will control the characters in the game in the perspective of overhead. You will also have to participate in combat encounters of turn-based category. In the new feature of the game, the player can get the contextual help and also choose new region. The entire game is all about acquiring the pokemon to train for the battle.

Elite four and badges

The ultimate goal of the player is to participate in the Elite four for that the player has to win the badges. There are many badges to earn for which the player has to capture the pokemon as much as possible to give proper training for the battle. There are almost 400 pokemon in Pokemon fire red rom and this count is only in the remake version but in the original version there are only 150 pokemon. Acquiring the pokemon as much as is the aim but it does not mean that the player will not be able to catch all the pokemon in the game. If the player catches all the pokemon, then the player will get special appreciation with a certificate and for sure it will be added strength for the player in the elite four.

Battle types

The location of this game is the world of Kanto. In Kanto the player will have to earn 8 badges and it is quite usual in other games of pokemon series.  But the battle style and the opponents differ in each game. The gym members Pokemon fire red will be motivated to fight with different characters of pokemon. Some players choose the rock type and others choose water type. Zapdos and Voltrob are the pokemons that can be used in different battle style such as electric type when the opponent chooses water type.

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