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Pokemon is the most interesting game that is released recently and has got millions of users very shortly. The game play of Pokemon is really interesting that the game takes the players between the real world and virtual world. The reason that this game most number of players in short span of time is that the game is played in the real world in the beginning then the player is taken in to the virtual world. The one of the interesting version of Pokemon is Pokemon Emerald rom.

Location based

Most of the players are interesting to play this game because this game is really different from all the games they have played so far. For any game the game play is most important which holds the interest, excitement and the fun part of the game. If the game play is boring the players will not play the game with interest, they just give up and play other games. Pokemon is a game that creates the interest in the player as the game is location based game.

Real world

Obviously Pokemon game has no heroes of super hero movies as a fictional characters playing important role in the game, not related to any block buster movies yet it attracted millions and reached more players very shortly. The game takes the player in to the real world to enjoy the game play. The game play is more interesting to play that the players have to go in to the streets to find pokemon species. So far there are many players playing the game repeatedly and every day the number of players playing pokemon is increased.

Pokemon coins

The player has to grab the pokemon species of the game and send the pokemon species for training to challenge the battle against other pokemon species team of any other player. To grab the pokeman species the player has to catch poke balls and if they use hack tool they can generate Free Pokeballs. When the player catches every available pokemon species in the real location the pokeman coins will be generated.

Team and battle

Free poke coins can be generated if the player uses any available hack tool or cheat codes.The player should be careful in taking the catch when the poke ball is thrown so that they can grab more number of pokemon species. As far as the player catches the pokemon species the player can increase the strength of the team that is set to battle against other pokemon species team. When the player wins the battle and captures the gym they can increase the poke coins.

Emerald version

If you are seeking to have the great adventurous in gaming then you may go for the emerald version of Pokemon called as Pokemon Emerald Rom. The best of this version is that you can find additional features in this version comparing with Sapphire and Ruby. The one of the added feature of this version of Pokemon is the wireless adapter. Using the wireless adapter you can trade different versions of GBA. Through this feature you will be able to choose any of your favorite pokemon versions. Different versions of pokemon are there and each version has its unique features and you can pick any version from the current version using this Pokemon emerald.


The game pokemon is known for its graphics as it will be stunning to have such effects that leave the players speechless. Most of the players that choose Pokemon, like the graphics because it takes the player to next level gaming experience. Since it is a location based game, the graphics play major role of the success of this game and it makes the game unique and astounding.

The excellence of graphics in this emerald version is amazing and gives goose bumps all the time. Speaking about the graphics comparing with the previous and other versions of pokemon, it is considerably improved. The Pokemon Emerald rom has crispy graphics with perfect touch to engage the player in the game to go for more.

Battle system

The pitfalls in the previous versions are mostly removed in this version and the battle system is improved. The player has to battle with around 400 Pokemon as they will chase the player. The battle in this version will take place in the land called Hoem and the battle will be different and efficient than the previous versions of the game. The two major teams that awaken their pokemon for the battle are Team Magma and Team Aqua.

The main goal of the player is to finish off the battle. The battle styles are improvised in Pokemon Emerald rom as the player has to face 7 battles in 7 buildings in the battle frontier. Apart from the battle style, the tournaments, random rooms and the rental Pokemon features have been improved in this version. Player can get new Gym leader in this version as the elites and the gym leaders have been also improved.


There are different levels in the game and in each level the player has to use different tactics and skills to overcome. The player can use different skills in each level only if the player learns new techniques in each battle. As the player advances from one level to the other, the player will earn badges and there are 8 badges to earn.  The new techniques earned in each level will be useful in the battle knowledge and the battle knowledge of the player gets improved. In each level, the player not only has to face different battles but also there are goals to achieve.


Championship is the final level of the game and it is called as Elite championship level. In the elite championship the player can employ all the techniques and skills that the player earned in each level in the each badge totally 8 badges. The battle knowledge of the player improves when the player earns all the 8 badges and gets qualified for championship Elite. Pokemon Emerald is the most entertaining of all Pokemon versions.

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