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The Pokémon crystal rom version is the third and the final generation II core series games. It is the sixth main series game and seventh in Japan. It is also the updated version of the Pokémon gold and silver. It will allow two players at a time. The initial release date of the Pokémon crystal was on 30th of July in the year 2001. The users are capable of playing the game online for free. You can also compete with the other players high scores and develop the term of play. This updated version works on Android, PC’s, and MAC devices. The game offers more in-depth story than its predecessors.

The chronicles

This game is said to be the Pocket Monsters Side Stories in Japan. It is a spin-off series of the anime and it revolves around many characters. First, the series was telecasted as a cartoon in Britain and then was viewed in cartoon network channel. It attracted lot of children for its famous and attractive characters and names. Then it was widely spread along many countries. And also, it attracted many viewers. Later, the series were telecasted in forms of DVD’s. All the episodes were released in the form of a continuous series which are still non-existent.


There are any main characters such as the Ash, Brock, Casey, Gary Oak, Jimmy, Marina, Vincent, Misty, Professor Samuel Oak, The Pichu Brothers, Ritchie, Tracey Sketchit, Delia Ketchum, Gilbert, Sakura. The villain team consists of powerful characters such as the Atilla and Hun, Cassidy and Butch, Professor Nanba, Jessie and James, Meowth.

The basic line

The basic story of the game is a story that starts from the place called the Kanto region and the Johto region. It has lots of adventures to be revealed. Its predecessors were developed for the Game Boy Color mainly, but unlike its predecessors, the Pokémon crystal rom is the version that was updated for the fact of Super Game Boy.

The plot and gameplay of this version will be the same as that of the Pokémon gold and silver, but has some extra additional, new features. Usually the predecessor games allowed the players to choose only the male version only. It will be a normal basic and default rule of the game. But this updated version allows the user to select their sex of their character. This is an added feature which will make the player to play the game with more enthusiasm.

Additional features

There are some additional features and qualities with the characters in the updated version. For instance looking on to the Cyndaquil will have the flames at its back. In the earlier version, the flame will not brighten up. But in the updated version, the flame at its back will flicker. This was the feature that was absent in the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green. It has also appeared in the other subsequent games. With all these, there were some additional subplots added. One will be featured with the legendary Pokémon Suicunne on the front cover of the game and the other is involved with the Unown. Despite all these features, the game did not get bigger quality. The biggest quality that enhances the power of the game is the Battle Tower, a new building that allows the players to participate in the Pokémon Stadium. And also they can be involved in fights that are held in stadiums. This will increase the player standards and his eagerness to play them. The Japanese version of the game had a special feature of handling the user with a mobile adapter. It is a device that allows connecting a single player with other players through the mobile phones.

The reviews

The game was very much well received among the players throughout the word, but also went through some critics as well. Some had the feel that the game did not have new additions and features that are significant to get it distinguished from the older versions such as the gold and silver. But there were a lot of views stating that the game was outstanding, stunning and amazing. The crystal edition had the updates in its designs and graphics specifically. It has also received a 9 out of 10 stating. It has also got the score of 34 out of 40 in a Japanese edition.


The story that is to be understood by the players before entering into the game is a short version of the series that was telecasted in the TV channels. The local scientist Professor Elm started his journey to win the eight gym Badges of the Johto region. He then will challenge the Elite four and will become the champion to become the new Pokémon master of that region. Opposing the team will be the mysterious game. A boy who stole one of the other Pokémon from the Professor and he is the one who will challenge the players to test their strength in gaming often.  The game does not end here and there are also many adventures that are to be dealt with. There will be some villain groups who have united to seek and find their previous leader Giovanni and to return their group to their former glory. After the player defeats the team once and for all the defeats in the team he gets a championship and can travel into the Kanto region and could challenge the Gym leaders there. They can also discover the changes that have happened in the past three years following all the events. When the player defeats the Gym leader of the Kanto region too, he will be able to enter into the treacherous Mt.Silver area which is the home to the very powerful Pokémon. The most difficult part of the game is the final battle against the Protagonist of Red and Blue.


There was a huge response among the players all over the world for the game. There were some modifications in the Pokémon crystal rom version by the fans and was named the Pokémon prism.

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